Boost Your Team’s Performance with the Referral Maker Teams Dashboard


Referral Maker CRM team performance
How is your team performing? Find out with the Referral Maker® CRM Teams Performance Dashboard. The all-new Teams Dashboard is the potent new addition to your management toolset.

See how your team is performing as a team or individually.
The Teams Dashboard features a pipeline that allows you to view your team’s progress toward your goal. You’ll get an overall view of your team as well as each individual’s performance. This allows you to encourage your team as a whole or work with each member to improve their results.

View leads and conversion rates.
Are your team’s leads converting? The Teams Dashboard allows you to see the leads in your pipeline and assess if they’re converting or not. This information allows you to improve conversion rates and keep them high.

Up-to-the-minute sales data
How did your agents do today? This week? With the Referral Maker Teams Dashboard, you’ll be able to see current sales data. With this data, you can work with your teams to improve their numbers.

Who are your top performers?
The Referral Maker CRM Teams Dashboard allows you to see how your team is performing. You can pinpoint the top performers and see which team members need more training and mentorship.

Referral Maker CRM Teams is designed to help real estate professionals optimize the performance and productivity of their teams. Visit to learn more about Teams and sign up today!

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