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A productive day starts with a plan.

A productive day starts with a plan.

The most productive real estate professionals rely on technology to help them stay organized and on top of everything, from upcoming showings to sending out their marketing information. In order to run a thriving business, it’s important to streamline your business so that nothing falls through the cracks. Here are three questions to ask to help you boost your productivity.

1. Do you have a system? A system will not only help you work more efficiently, it’ll also help you achieve success by holding you accountable to your goals. Brian Buffini’s Work by Referral system gives you the strategies required to build a database of loyal advocates of your business, including marketing materials, dialogues, daily to-dos and more.

2. What are your priorities for the day? Many of us create a lengthy to-do list each day, filled with tasks of varied importance. And, each day that list grows longer and longer with each new, unexpected situation that arises. Instead of feeling like we’ve conquered the day, we feel the day has conquered us. Take your day back by rethinking your to-do list, specifically, choose two tasks that are the most important and don’t start on the rest of your list until these two tasks are complete. Now, you may say “I can’t possible narrow it down to just two tasks.” Sure you can. Look at your list and choose the two that absolutely, positively have to get done that day, no matter what. Once you’ve ticked those items of the list, start on the third most important item, etc.

3. Are you connected to your business from anywhere? As a real estate professional, you spend more time in your car than you do in your office. Being able to run your business from your smartphone will help ensure you’re doing what you need to do to run a successful business. You can deliver Pop-Bys while you’re on-the-go, update client information while you’re waiting for your next showing, practice dialogues before your next listing appointment and much more all with the help from an app like Referral Maker® Mobile on your smartphone.

There are so many technological “fixes” on the market, how can you tell what’s useful and what’s another distraction? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Register for MarTech Trends in a city near you. This one-day training will give you tips to help you incorporate technology into your business, as well as help you decipher the best technology for your business. We’re heading to Denver on May 18 and Boston on June 2. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

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