Become a Morning Person in 5 Steps

Don't hit snooze --with your hand or a sledgehammer. Instead, get up when the alarm goes off.

Don’t hit snooze –with your hand or a sledgehammer. Instead, get up when the alarm goes off.

Want to be happier and more productive? Become a morning person. In real estate, the old adage holds true: The early bird does indeed get the worm. Early risers tend to be more alert, conscientious and better able to plan for the day. Since it takes less time for them to clear the morning brain fog, they’re able to take advantage of the quiet hours to tackle their biggest challenges.

While our internal clocks may dictate our tendency to become night owls or morning larks, it is possible to make a few tweaks to help us use the morning hours to benefit our productivity and our businesses. Here’s how:

1. Make it easier to get up early. One of the best ways to ensure that you’ll wake up early is to make it easy to do so, and that means preparation. Plan your outfit, get the coffee maker ready to brew, make your lunch and put your stuff by the door. If you plan to workout first thing in the morning, sleep in your gym clothes. The less you have to do when you wake up, the more time you have to be productive.

2. Set the alarm for five minutes earlier than your normal time. Do this for a week, and then set it for 5 minutes earlier the following week. Repeat the process until you’re awake at your goal time. Starting small makes it more likely that you’ll make it a habit.

3. Don’t hit snooze. The snooze button is your enemy in the morning. Rip off that bandage, and get on with it. Instead of hitting it one or more times, just hop (or roll, as the case may be) out of bed and start your day

4. Go to bed ten minutes earlier. To make sure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep, start going to bed ten minutes earlier.

5. Reward yourself at the end of the week. It’s easier to adhere to habits if you give yourself a little reward for a job well-done.

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