Be Happier in 5 Steps

If happiness is eluding you, stop trying so hard and adopt these three habits.

If happiness is eluding you, stop trying so hard and adopt these three habits.

Who wouldn’t like to be happier? Happiness isn’t an elusive concept. However, it does take a change in perspective and the adoption of a few good habits. Here are five to adopt right now.

Express gratitude. Instead of dwelling on what they don’t have, happy people are grateful for what they do have. Be more thankful today by writing down three things your grateful for in a gratitude journal. When you do this activity for several days, you’ll notice your mood shifting. While appreciating what you have in life, you become happier.

Exercise. Exercise does more than help you shed weight and get stronger; it’s also been shown to make people happier. Blame it on the endorphins that are released—exercise is a proven stress reliever and mood booster. Make it a habit and you may become happier for it.

Change your attitude. It’s easy to get caught up in negativity, especially if you consistently surround yourself to gossip, negative books and websites and negative people. Break out of the negativity rut! Seek out positive and inspiring books, movies and media; spend more time with positive people, etc. Before you know it, you’ll improve your attitude and become happier.

Set goals. Goals give you something to strive for, in business and in life. Having goals helps you to focus on what’s important—what will help you reach your goals—and ignore the noise that is intended to distract you.

Find your ‘why?’ People who have a purpose are often happier than those who haven’t found it yet. Your ‘why’ is your purpose—your reason for doing what you do. It provides motivation during those times when you just don’t feel like doing your lead generating activities or going for a run or eating a healthy snack.

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