Are Your Clients Renovating? Connect Them with These Professionals

Help your clients plan a smoother remodel by connecting them with these pros from your network.

Help your clients plan a smoother remodel by connecting them with these pros from your network.

According to a survey by Houzz, 66% of American homeowners plan to remodel their homes in the next couple of years to make the space fit their changing needs, to update its style or to boost its value. Although remodeling doesn’t mean that your clients will be putting their homes on the market just yet, it does provide an opportunity for you to serve them by connecting them with trusted professionals in your network. Here are a few professionals to start with:

1. A contractor. If your clients are planning a major renovation, connect them with a reputable contractor in your network. Whether your clients plan to do it themselves or are DIY-averse, a trusted and experienced contractor can give them an idea of what will work and what won’t in their homes.

2. An electrician. Whether your clients wish to update wiring in their homes or drastically alter their lighting, an electrician will help to ensure that everything is up to code and won’t cause problems, like a house fire.

3. A plumber. If your clients plan to alter the footprint of their kitchen or bathrooms, a reputable plumber is required in order to avoid costly water damage.

4. An interior designer. For clients who want to update the look and style of their homes, an interior designer can lead them in the right direction and help them to create a uniform look that reflects their personality.

5. A landscaper. Renovations don’t have to solely take place indoors. Many homeowners are looking for ways to bring comfort and style to their yards, decks and patios. A landscaper can help clients choose plants that enhance the look and function of their outdoor spaces.

Connect your clients with trusted pros from your network to build trust and your relationship.

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