Another Week, Another Round of Referral Maker Enhancements!

How to Optimize Technology in Your Relationships

We’re on a roll this month making Referral Maker CRM even better than ever. What can you expect when you sign into Referral Maker?

What’s new?

Blitz iframe
See the Blitz…or not. The new show/hide setting allows you to decide whether or not you want to see the Blitz in Referral Maker.


Work Online LeadsImport Online Leads


The Work Lead and Import Lead lists (or O Category) get a new name. These lists are now known as Work Online Leads and Import Online Leads, respectively.








Client Direct Mail Size

See how many Client Direct recipients will be mailed an IOV. Just look for the green number.




The import process is even more streamlined. We’ve removed the Lead vs. Relationship page from the Setup Wizard, the Import Relationships page and the Import Online Leads Page to improve the process. Now, you won’t have to choose which contact type when you upload. When you import through the Setup Wizard or Import Relationships Page, we’ll automatically categorize those contacts as relationships. When you import through the Import Online Leads page, we’ll automatically categorize those contacts as Leads.

Connect GoogleOutlook Account Button

Referral Maker CRM + Google/Outlook = BFFs for life.
• Connect to your calendar. We’ve updated the button to say “Connect Google/Outlook Calendar” and “Connect Google/Outlook Contacts” on the pages to import your Calendar and Relationship pages.
• Automatic contact importing. Once you’ve established your connection to your Google/Outlook account, Referral Maker will start importing your contacts. You don’t have to click any extra buttons or take extra steps.
• If you’ve removed a contact in Referral Maker, we’ve removed the notification.
• Have recurring events in your calendar? No problem. We’ve made it so you won’t have to sort through and delete duplicate events when you modify the frequency.

We’re always working on ways to make your Referral Maker CRM experience even better! Visit to learn more.

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