All-New Enhancements to the Referral Maker CRM Mobile App!

Referral Maker Mobile allows you to keep your business in your pocket.

Referral Maker Mobile allows you to keep your business in your pocket.


Our team has been busy updating the Referral Maker CRM Mobile App to improve its functionality and smooth out any bugs reported by our users. Here’s what we’ve done.popby map

Access information offline. You’re now able to access your contacts, calendar appointments, and to-do list, even when you don’t have online access.

Pop-By map search. We’ve added Visible Map, an all-new feature that allows you to move the map and select all the available contacts in that area.



We fixed:
The Pop-By Mapit feature – The Mapit feature is now showing the pin point for the address.

iphone copy

Calendar Sync on iOS – iOS users reported an issue when they tried to copy a link to have their iPhone and Referral Maker calendars sync. When you click the link, it’ll now say it has been copied.






set goalsSetup Wizard goals – Is your business a REALTOR and lender business? We’ve updated the language so you can choose “both” for your Setup Wizard goals.

Crashing issues – Some users reported the app crashed when it launched. We’ve fixed those issues so it shouldn’t happen again.
The Referral Maker Mobile App makes it easy to work by referral, even when you’re on the go. Visit to learn more about the app.

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