All-New Enhancements and Fixes to Referral Maker CRM!



referral maker crm changes

We’re excited to announce a couple of new enhancements to the Referral Maker® CRM mobile app, as well as fixes to several bugs reported by users. Here’s what’s new:

• Want to send a text through the Referral Maker CRM Mobile App? We got you covered. You can now touch base with a client via text through Referral Maker Mobile.
• Your Pop-Bys are ranked by color. Each category is noted by a specific color, helping you to better plan your Pop-By route.
• You can now specify a suite number or other address-related information to a contact. We’ve added a second address line for contacts whose addresses have suite or apartment numbers attached.
• We’re making it even easier to track referrals on the app. When the mobile app is consistent with the web app, it’s easier to get things done.
• Track a call with or without selecting the “I asked for a referral” button.
• Include a name when tracking referrals given and received.
• If you’re trying to set an appointment, the dates will no longer move.

We work hard to ensure you have a great experience with Referral Maker CRM and the Mobile app. Stay tuned for future enhancements and fixes. If you’re not using Referral Maker, click here to start today.

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