After the Success Tour: 3 Ways to Take Action

Register for Brian Buffini’s Success Tour when it stops in New York City and Toronto later this year.

If you attended Brian Buffini’s Success Tour last week in San Jose, you may be eager to apply everything that you learned from Brian, America’s top listing agent Joe Niego and positive psychologist Shawn Achor. Oftentimes, when many of us try to change too much too soon, we end up failing, or giving up and going back to the old bad habits. If you want to enjoy lasting change, follow these tips to help you make sure that you stick with your Customized Success Plan, and keep your motivation high.

1. Develop good habits. It takes a few weeks of daily practice to develop a new habit. Make a list of the habits you want to adopt, whether it’s prioritizing your day, writing three personal notes or calling 5 people in your database. Then, work on adopting one habit at a time. Once a few weeks have passed and you feel that you’ve developed one habit, move on to the next one on your list.

Referral Maker® Tip: Did you know that Brian Buffini’s Referral Maker real estate CRM can help you create and maintain new habits? It’s true. Just input your habits and Referral Maker will not only remind you to do it, but it’ll also help you track your progress.

2. Review your workbook. In order to maintain your motivation, it helps to review your workbook every few weeks. Between the information you learned at the real estate event and the notes you scribbled in the margins, you’re able to reconnect with what you learned and felt at the event.

3. Never stop learning. Personal and professional growth are essential to maintain your forward momentum in your business. Attend real estate events, read motivational books and find a mentor. All of these things will keep you motivated and excited about your career.

If you missed the San Jose Success Tour, you have two more opportunities to catch it this year. Brian Buffini’s Success Tour heads to New York City in September and ends the year in Toronto in November. Register soon to reserve your spot!

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