Adopt a Habit with the Help of These 4 Apps

Adopt a habit, and check your progress, with these apps.

Adopt a habit, and check your progress, with these apps.

If you’ve ever tried to adopt a new habit, you know how difficult it can be. Although you may start out well, after a few days or weeks, you may notice that it’s easier to get derailed. Forming good habits may be hard, but technology has made it a bit easier. These free smartphone apps will help you stay on track to develop good habits, whether they concern health, wellness or remembering to do your daily activities.

Lift app

Lift (free, for iPhone and Android)
Lift is more than a habit tracking app; it also features content developed by experts to guide you through the process and motivate you to stay on track. Choose a goal or habit, and record your progress daily. The app offers peer coaching, reminders and access to video coaching. Let’s say you want to eat healthier but you don’t know where to start. Lift offers several healthy diet options to adopt to help you improve your diet and health.



WAy of life app

Way of Life (free, for iPhone)
If you’re motivated by charts, the Way of Life app is for you! Create a habit that you want to make or break and the app will remind you of it using the reminders that you set up. The app keeps track of your progress and lets you see how you’re doing with the help of colorful charts. The charts help you see where you’re succeeding and where you could use improvement.



habitbull app

HabitBull (free, for Android)
Keep track of your good and bad habits with the HabitBull app. This fully customizable app allows you to track your good and bad habit, as well as make notes about the habit each day. Let’s say you’re trying to eat healthier, but one day you eat a giant slice of cake at your co-worker’s birthday party. Just make note of it in the app. You can add any habit you want, whether you want to quit smoking for write more personal notes.




Referral Maker® App (free, for iPhone and Android)
Did you know that the Referral Maker real estate CRM app can help you stay on track to adopt more productive habits and reach your goals? Enter the habit you’d like to adopt and Referral Maker will add it to your daily to-do list. You’re not limited to business habits; you can also input personal habits like more exercise and eating healthier. Soon, you’ll be on track to reach your goals.

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