A Checklist for Your Business Mixer

Choosing a date is one of the first steps to take when planning a business mixer.

What better way to hang out with your favorite business owners and enhance your relationships than through a great business mixer? A business mixer is one of the best ways to deepen the relationships you have with the businesses you refer. While you establish your position as the hub of your business community, your business owners get the opportunity network with other trusted business owners in the area. What are you waiting for? Don’t procrastinate: Today’s the day to begin planning your next business mixer.

To Do: Business Mixer
3 to 4 weeks before the event

  • Select a date, time, budget and location
  • Create an agenda (Be sure to include time for a welcome message, the reason you’re hosting the mixer, introductions, networking, eating and a closing statement.) 
  • Create your guest list
  • Call your guests to invite them to the mixer
  • Send a follow up email with the event details and directions
  • Follow up with those who haven’t responded

3 days before the event

  • Call to confirm guests who are attending
  • Send out an email reminder

The Day of the event

  • Arrive early to greet guests
  • Bring a box to collect business cards, guest list and name tags/pens
  • Announce when you plan to hold the next mixer (if you know the month)

After the event

  • Call guests to thank them for coming
  • Write personal notes to your guests
  • Update your business directory

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