8 Business Professionals to Connect to Your Clients

The spring and summer are popular times for homeowners to tackle renovation projects, both large and small. Homeowners remodel for many reasons—perhaps they want to add more space to their home, update it to meet their changing needs or to help it list for more money. Whatever the reason, your clients will surely want to work with a service or trade professional who treats them with the same level of service and trust they’ve come to expect. Luckily, you work with great, reputable local professionals who meet those expectations.

When you speak to your clients, listen for a need. If they mention they’re planning to do work on their home, ask about the project. Then, ask if they’re currently working with a professional in that area. If not, that’s your cue to connect them with a professional in your network.

1. An architect. If your clients are planning a major renovation, connect them with an architect who can turn their vision into reality.

2. A contractor. As stated in this month’s Marketing Flyer, selecting a reputable contractor is important, regardless of the size of the project. Connect them with a great contractor in your network to ensure the work is done well and right the first time.

3. An electrician. Projects that require updating or installing wiring may require an electrician. An electrician can ensure that the wiring is up to code and won’t become a fire hazard.

4. A plumber. Whether your clients are changing the footprint of their bathroom or wish to address a leak, a plumber can help people avoid major water damage.

5. An interior designer. A designer can help clients update their home, improve the look and function of existing elements within each room and help tie together the overall color scheme of the home (or establish a color scheme if there isn’t one already).

6. A landscaper. Help clients boost the curb appeal of their homes with the help of a landscaper. Additionally, landscapers can redesign outdoor spaces for maximum use and enjoyment. They can also choose low-maintenance plants and shrubs to enhance the property.

7. A painter. Although the summer may be a great time to paint the house, the hot temperatures may prevent people from doing so. Connect your clients with a painter who can paint the house in an efficient and professional manner.

8. A home organizer. Sometimes a client doesn’t need to alter their home; they just need to get it organized. It’s tough to find the time to do so when the demands of work and family leave little time or energy to start the process. Connect clients with a home organizer who can tackle the project and free up space in the home.

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