7 Ways to Improve Your Focus Now

Maintaining your focus will help you to succeed.

With all of the distractions all around us, it can be difficult to maintain focus. The phone buzzes with a new text or email message, there’s construction going on outside, you’re trying to find just the right song to listen to on Pandora or Spotify and you’re feeling the temptation to surf the Internet instead of making your proactive lead generating phone calls. Whatever the distractions are that tempt you away from being productive, here are seven ways to improve your focus.

1. Close your windows and programs that you’re not using at that moment. If you’re in the midst of making lead generating phone calls to your database, only keep Referral Maker™ or your other CRM open. Close your email, close your browser and silence your smartphone so that you can focus only on calling your database.

2. Time block your day. We work best in 90 minute increments so divide your day into 90 minute blocks, which you dedicate to one task at a time.

3. Put up a sign to let everyone know that you’re busy. Whether you work in a busy office with other agents or you work from your home, a simple sign on your door or cubicle will let people know not to disturb you. Or put on your headphones. Nothing says, “Hey, I’m working here!” more than headphones, whether you’re listening to music or just looking like it.

4. Delegate. Are the small tasks taking a huge chunk out of your productive time? If so, hire an assistant and delegate those smaller tasks to them so that you can focus on what you do best: Serving your clients and generating reliable leads for your business.

5. Take a break. It may seem counterintuitive, but get up and move around between your time blocks, before you switch gears to another task. Go for a walk or run, stretch, get coffee or make a green smoothie, whatever it takes to give your brain a rest so that you can feel refreshed and get back to work.

6. Make a list. Every morning or before you go home at night, make a list of the things you have to get done for the day, starting with the most important tasks first.

7. Check your email at set times each day. Although email makes it easy to communicate quickly, it can be a giant time suck. Instead, set aside 15- 20 minutes or so several times each day—say, when you get into the office, before lunch and before you leave for the day—to check your email. Tell people about your policy and let them know that if it’s an emergency, then to just call you.

It’s possible to eliminate distractions so that you can be your most productive. Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software makes it easy to plan your day. Referral Maker uses the goals you set to create a list of daily proactive lead generating activities sure to help you achieve your goals for your business and personal life. Win the Day, Win the Week and become a more productive real estate professional with Referral Maker CRM. Visit Referral Maker to learn more and to start using the real estate software today.


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