7 Things to Do Now to Become a More Effective Agent

Agents who commit to continual personal and professional growth are more efficient than their peers.

Did you know that every day you have a chance to become more effective as an agent? How you spend each day can have an impact on your ability to achieve success. The habits that you’ve developed over the years can help or hinder you on your quest for success. Here are seven things to start doing right now to help you become more effective as a real estate professional.

1. Plan your day. Planning your day keeps you on track so that you can focus on the things that matter, from completing your proactive lead generation to taking time to catch your son’s baseball game. A well-planned day is organized around your priorities—the tasks that drive your business, including phone calls, personal notes, Pop-Bys and otherwise connecting with your best clients. It also allows you to schedule time for your personal priorities, including family commitments, exercise, etc. While you can’t predict the outcome of each day, you can control where you plan to focus your time and energy.

2. Schedule wiggle room. Emergencies—real and imagined—are bound to pop up each day. And, while they can throw you off schedule and divert your attention, there is a way to ensure that they don’t derail your entire day and week—schedule an hour of wiggle room.

Wiggle room is a set time where you turn your attention to the fires that have sprung up during the day. It ensures that these last minute things will be dealt with, without diverting your attention from your most important tasks. And, if you have one of those rare days when nothing pops up, you can use the time to read, take a nap, zone out on social media or whatever tickles your fancy.

3. Track your progress. As a business professional, it’s important to have goals, but it’s essential to track your progress toward reaching them. While success is never guaranteed, tracking increases your chances of achieving your goals by giving you an accurate perspective of how you’re doing. This allows you to assess your progress and change gears if you need to.

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4. Take breaks. All work and no play can inhibit your productivity. Taking short breaks throughout the day can help you to refocus your mind and prevents you from experiencing burnout.

5. Sleep. Studies have shown that sleep is essential to your health and well-being; however, it’s also essential to your productivity. Not getting a full night’s sleep can not only make you groggy and cranky in the morning, it can also impair your brain function and reduce your ability to get things done. Aim for at least 7 hours a night; if that’s not possible, make time for a nap during the day.

6. Commit to personal development. Continual personal growth is important to reach and sustain your success. By expanding your knowledge through books, seminars, classes and other agents, and learning from others who have achieved success in business and life, you can enhance your own skills and boost your motivation to thrive.

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7. Look for ways to help. Whenever you speak with a client or colleague, look for a need to fill. Did a client mention that they want to remodel their bathroom? Connect them with a contractor or other professional in your network. This not only reinforces your role as a trusted advisor, it can also make you more successful in the long run as well.

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