7 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Adapt these habits and you’ll be on the path to success.

Many people would love to know the financial secrets of successful entrepreneurs. After all, they have what many of us seek—a thriving business, nice things and the respect of others. It’s easy to forget that this success was the result of years of hard work and sacrifice. While not every business owner will become the next Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, there are a few good habits that you can adopt now that will put you on the path to success.

1. Have measurable goals
Successful entrepreneurs set short-, mid-, and long-range business and personal goals, and they track their progress in accomplishing them. Short-range goals include what you set out to accomplish in the next 10 days, mid-range goals are what you plan to accomplish in the next 10 months to a year and long-range goals are more challenging goals that can take five years to complete. Short- and mid-range goals are often smaller pieces of long-range goals, as it’s often helpful to break up larger challenging accomplishments into more manageable bits.

2. Focus on lead generation
Lead generation is vital to any thriving business. In order for your business to flourish, you must commit to doing two hours of lead-generating activities—making phone calls, writing personal notes, doing Pop-Bys—every day. If two hours seems daunting, begin with fifteen minutes and add five minutes each week until you reach two hours.

The good news is that Referral Maker™ CRM makes lead generation fun and easy by providing you with a to-do list of proactive lead generating activities every day so you’ll always know who to call, write or pop-by for the most impact.

3. Commit to excellent service
Excellent service entails more than service with a smile; it includes frequent communication with your clients. Regular communication instills trust in your clients and allows you to ease their anxiety, listen to their concerns and exceed their expectations.

4. Follow systems
Working by Referral is a proven system to help you target market your database of people who know and like you. It helps you nurture your relationships with your clients and business owners, manage your time effectively, track your activities and create opportunities to serve your database.

Referral Maker CRM and the Referral Maker app make connecting with your database second nature from wherever you are—in the office or on-the-go.

5. Commit to growth and development
Successful people never stop learning. Follow their lead and attend seminars and classes that interest you, read inspiring books and make a commitment to learn something new every day.

6. Track performance and results
If you don’t track your performance, you’ll never know how you’re doing. You should know your contract to close ratio, your average commission per transaction and the number of transactions you need to close in order to beat your numbers from the previous years. You’ll always know your numbers with Referral Maker CRM. Our real estate CRM software makes it easy to always know the numbers that are most important to your business.

7. Be accountable
Committing to the aforementioned aspects of success takes accountability. It’s helpful to have an accountability partner to keep you on track. However, it’s even better to have a coach to encourage you to stay on track to success and provide the encouragement you need to prosper.

Referral Maker real estate CRM will help your business thrive. Referral Maker was designed to help agents and other real estate professionals to Work by Referral easily and efficiently. Visit Referralmaker.com for more information and to start using Referral Maker CRM today.


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