7 Fun Fall Pop-By Ideas

Nothing says “autumn” like apple cider. Apple cider or some fresh-picked apples make great Pop-By gifts.

The crisp air and falling leaves mean one thing—it’s fall! The autumn offers a ton of fun and festive ideas for Pop-By gifts to surprise your best clients with. Pop-Bys are a fun, easy and inexpensive way to let your clients know that you’re thinking of them. Here are some suggestions to celebrate the season:

1. A small pumpkin: Pumpkins define the season. A small pumpkin is sure to brighten the days of your clients.

2. A small bag of fresh-picked apples: Many areas have apple orchards where people can pick their own apples. If there isn’t one near you, many grocery stores stock bags of fresh-picked apples in the produce section.

3. A reusable bag: Perfect for carrying just picked apples or pumpkins and any other objects, a reusable bag is always a handy gift.

4. A pumpkin carving kit: Carving pumpkins is a must in the fall. Give your favorite clients a pumpkin carving kit to enjoy with their families.

5. A coffee mug with apple cider mix: A warm beverage is the perfect complement to a chilly, autumn evening.

6. A rake or other lawn maintenance tool: Falling leaves are the inevitable consequence of the season. Help your clients prepare with a new rake or other maintenance tool.

7. A fleece blanket: One can never have enough blankets, and fleece blankets can be purchased inexpensively at many retail stores.

Remember, a Pop-By gift is intended to show your clients that you care. Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software helps you keep track of who to Pop-By to everyday. Make the best use of your downtime when you’re out and about—Referral Maker shows you who lives nearby so that you can surprise them with a Pop-By gift. Visit Referral Maker CRM to learn more or to start your 30-day free trial.


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