6 Ways to Get More Done When Working from Home

When working from home, dress like you're going to meet a client later.

When working from home, dress like you’re going to meet a client later.

Although many real estate professionals work in offices, others work from home. Even if you work in an office, you may have the opportunity to work from home a day or two during the week. While working from home has huge advantages—no commute, easy access to a fully stocked kitchen and comfortable seating—it may be challenging to concentrate when distractions abound. Here are some tips to help you keep your productivity high when you work from the comfort of your home.

Carve out your space. When you work from home, you can work anywhere you want—the comfort of the couch, in front of the window that frames the best views from your house or at your kitchen table. Wherever you choose to set up shop, be sure your space is free from distractions. If possible, choose a room with a door so that you can keep distractions at bay. If that’s not possible…

Put your family or roommates on notice. Make it clear to the people you live with that you’re unavailable during your working hours. Limiting your contact with your friends or family during your work day can help you focus and get more done. Put up a Do Not Disturb sign, if necessary.

Skip the sweatpants. Sweatpants are so comfortable; however, if you’re not actually sweating, save them for the gym. Instead, dress like you would when you work in an office. Dressing professionally will help your mind to focus on the tasks at hand and may even help your productivity.

Plan your day. When you make a list of your tasks to complete for the day, be sure to schedule each activity in ninety minute blocks. Why ninety minutes? Studies show that it’s this is the optimal amount of time for your brain to focus. Get more done each day with a bit of planning.

Take breaks. When you work from home it’s easy to get so caught up in your work that your forget to take breaks. After each ninety minutes of work, schedule fifteen minutes of down time. This will help your brain to refocus on the next task, as well as give you the energy you need to tackle it.

Get out. Working from home can be isolating at times. Schedule lunch or coffee with your clients a few times a week, spend an afternoon a week delivering Pop-Bys, or meet up with a mentor.

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