6 Tips for Instagram Success

Just met a great client for coffee? Instagram a photo  from the spot with a great caption.

Just met a great client for coffee? Instagram a photo from the spot with a great caption.

One of the fastest growing social media platforms, Instagram is an image and video driven social media site that give you the opportunity to showcase well-shot photos and establish yourself as the expert of your community. Like the other social media sites though, there are a few things to keep in mind before you post a photo or video. Here are six:

1. Caption the photos with a great description, tag restaurants or people and use hashtags. If you forgot to caption a photo or used the wrong tag, Instagram now allows you to edit your captions.

2. Link your Instagram page to your Web page, if you have one, and your email signature. That way, your clients can connect with you and see all of your great snaps.

3. Focus on aesthetics. This is the place to post your best photos; the ones that produce a case of the feels. Skip the poorly shot ones, or others that aren’t particularly striking.

4. Think about your timing. Like other social media platforms, don’t inundate your followers with a barrage of 25 photos. If you want to post a series of shots, keep it to a minimum and space them out.

5. Tell a story. Instagram allows you to curate a story—the story of your life, business and the community in which you live. Keep that in mind when you take and post photos.

6. Enlist the aid of other platforms. Although Instagram is gaining steam in popularity, most people are still on Facebook. Post your photos in both places to get maximum impact and reach more of your clients.
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