6 Things We Learned from Nido Qubein at Brian Buffini’s Success Tour Richmond

Dr. Nido Qubein inspired thousands last week at Brian Buffini's Success Tour in Richmond.

Dr. Nido Qubein inspired thousands last week at Brian Buffini’s Success Tour in Richmond.

“There are no unrealistic dreams; only unrealistic timelines.”
–Nido Qubein

Did you catch Nido Qubein’s session on day one of Brian Buffini’s Success Tour in Richmond? If you did, you missed a treat. Dr. Qubein explained how an immigrant from Lebanon came to America and achieved success on the lessons he learned from his mother. Here are six take-home tips that we learned:

Take risks when others would rather stay in their comfort zone.
Dr. Qubein’s life has been all about risks. He came to America as a teen with $50 in his pocket and a limited knowledge of English. He learned English by memorizing a word a day that was written on a 3”x5” card. He would review what he learned each day and eventually learned English. Raised by a single mom—his father died when he was six years old—he gained more wisdom from her than he did in his years of schooling. With her wisdom, he had the confidence to take risks and make the right choices—both of which have paid off.

Never stop growing.
The Koi fish grows in proportion to the environment in which it resides. If it lives in a fish bowl, it’ll stay small, but it won’t face predators. It’ll live a very comfortable life. If it lives in the ocean, it’ll grow bigger, but also face larger predators.

Make the right choices.
Dr. Qubein’s mother told him, “The choices you make define the person you become.” Don’t blame your circumstances, your parents or anything else. The choices that you’ve made in your life have gotten you to where you are today.

One choice you can make is to become more positive. Positive people with positive outlooks thrive in business and in life. Negative people are downers who spend their lives whining and making excuses—neither of which will move a person forward. Instead, surround yourself with positive, successful people. Dr. Qubein’s mother used to say to him, “Who you spend time with is who you become.” If you spend time with successful people, you’ll become that, too.

Being average is out.
Average isn’t bad; however, you were meant to be extraordinary. The definition of excellence boils down to one word: Relevance. Dr. Qubein said, “Relevance is about making sure that what you bring to the table is important.” What’s special about you that someone should do business with you instead of your competition?

Don’t compete solely on your strengths.
Again, this goes back to relevance. What makes you different from your competition may also boost your relevance.

Adopt a growth mindset.
Your mind is able to grow every day. Unfortunately many people live with a fixed mindset. They maintain their frame of reference indefinitely because it’s comfortable. According to Dr. Qubein, “The growth mindset means understanding that if you’re as good today as you were a year ago, you’re worse off.”  Growth-minded people don’t resist change; they take a step back, listen and see how they can adapt.

“Make the world a better place. Money is a by-product of all of the good things we do in life. It’s about lying your head on the pillow at night and feeling good about who you are and your impact on others.”
-Nido Qubein

If you missed Brian Buffini’s Success Tour when it stopped in Richmond, you have four more opportunities to see him this year. Don’t miss this two-day, inspirational, strategy-packed real estate event! Visit BrianBuffini.com to learn more and reserve your spot today.

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