6 Life Lessons We Learned from Les Brown at BBST2014 Toronto

What did you learn from Les Brown when he spoke at BBST2014? Here's what we learned.

What did you learn from Les Brown when he spoke at BBST2014? Here’s what we learned.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Les Brown speak at Brian Buffini’s Success Tour when it stopped in Toronto last week, you missed out on a giant dose of inspiration. Les Brown came from very humble beginnings, but with the help of great teachers and mentors he was able to achieve his dreams and share his story with others to inspire them to shake off mediocrity and harness their potential. Although you can catch up on what you missed on the Live Blog, here are the main highlights.

“What we do and accomplish in life is the result of what we believe in ourselves.”
Les Brown admitted that the most difficult thing that he’s done is to believe that he can do great things and speak to people with confidence. As a child, he was known as the Dumb Twin—his twin brother was the brilliant one. He accepted this as his reality until Mr. Washington, his teacher, saw the greatness in him and helped him to think otherwise.

“When you have goals and dreams, you’ll have to take some hits.”
When pursuing your goals, you’re bound to experience setbacks. When Les was pursuing his goals, he took time out to help take care of his mother as she recovered from breast cancer. However, his mental resiliency helped him prepare for setbacks.

When you’re in the pursuit of your goals, things happen in your personal and business life that would cause many people to give up, and most do. Don’t be one of them. Working on your mind and committing to self-improvement will make you more resilient and able to tackle the challenges that creep up. Take just an hour a day to work on your mind every single day and you’ll build the resilience to make your dreams come true.

“Your ability to tell your story is key; it’s how you present yourself one on one.”
It’s important to communicate your story in a way that connects with people, touches their hearts and makes them trust you. Your story helps you to increase your credibility. You’re able to inspire and motivate people as well as position yourself as an expert.

When people meet you, they ask:
• Who are you?
• What do you have?
• Why should I care?

“You can’t achieve your goals if you have too many toxic, energy-draining people in your life.”
Throughout Les Brown’s career, he sought to create partnerships and upgrade his relationships. Find the people who are achieving their dreams and be around them! Be around the achievers and find coaches who can help you get there. After all, success leaves clues; learn from them and use the lessons to help you achieve your own dreams.

“Be hungry”
In order to achieve your goals, you have to be hungry. People who are hungry are willing to do the things that others won’t. You have to be willing to commit an hour a day to self-improvement; you have to be willing to follow the Work by Referral System; you have to be willing to show up and fight for your dreams.

“Amaze your customers with the quality of service that you provide.”
If you want to succeed, provide more service than you get paid for. Find ways to serve your clients that go above and beyond the call of duty. Joe Niego calls them the ‘unexpected extras.’ When you go beyond what is expected, you establish yourself as a true professional.

Missed Brian Buffini’s Success Tour this year? Don’t worry; you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see it next year. Stay tuned for more information.

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