5 Ways to Seal the Deal on Your Next Listing Appointment

Hit it out of the park at your next listing presentation with these tips.

Hit it out of the park at your next listing presentation with these tips.

Whether you generated the lead online or were referred by one of your best clients, you still have to win over sellers with your listing presentation. A great listing presentation gives you the opportunity to show these potential clients that you’re the most professional and qualified person to market and sell their home. While the presentation itself often takes place in the sellers’ living rooms, the process begins long before that, with your first phone call. Here are five ways to knock their socks off throughout the process, from your initial contact to the big presentation day.

1. Establish communication. Since a phone call is often your first contact with potential clients, make sure your phone skills are stellar. Speak with a smile on your face, as if they’re in the office with you. Maintain a positive disposition, and be sure to remind them that you’re there to serve them and answer any questions they may have.

2. Keep an eye on your time. Respecting someone’s time is the ultimate courtesy. Be punctual; call when you say you will, and arrive for your appointment on time. Similarly, be aware of your time during your presentation. Although it’s important to explain your credentials and your plan for marketing the home, be sure to leave time for questions.

3. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Even if you’re going on your millionth listing presentation, it’s important to prepare. After all, you’ve never worked with these clients before. Learn more about their home, pull satellite images from Google of the property and surrounding area, etc.

In addition to researching the property, be sure to practice your presentation several times beforehand. Not only will this help you work out any “kinks,” it’ll also make you appear more professional.

4. Listen. Most sellers will only go through the selling process a few times in their lives. Even if they appear cool and confident about the process, they’re sure to have questions and concerns. Listen to them when they speak, be aware of their body language and tune into what they’re not saying. This will help you to ease their fears and concerns, and make them feel more comfortable with you and the real estate process.

5. Follow up. Call the sellers the day after the appointment to check in with them and thank them again for their time. Also, send a personal note to let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them, and look forward to working with them in the future.

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