5 Ways to Provide Value to Your Clients This Summer

A personal note is a great way to provide value to your clients and let them know that you're thinking of them.

A personal note is a great way to provide value to your clients and let them know that you’re thinking of them.

Providing value is an important component of Working by Referral. When you provide value to your clients, you offer them another level of service and reinforce your role as their trusted advisor. Show your expertise and appreciation with these five ways to provide value to your clients this summer.

Get face-to-face. Warmer temperatures make it a great time to get face time with your favorite clients. There are many ways to do this, including

Deliver a Pop-By. Stop by the homes of your favorite clients and bring them a small item of appreciation, such as a plant or seeds, grilling tools or other seasonal items. They’ll appreciate the gesture and you’ll get to briefly touch base with them and see how they’re doing (and remind them that you’re never too busy for their referrals).

 Host a Client Party. The summer is a great time to host a client party. Invite a few or all of your best clients to the party to reconnect with them and introduce them to one another. Fun parties ideas include barbeques, picnics, pool parties, etc.

Write a personal note. Take advantage of the longer days and use the extra hours of sunshine to write more personal notes. A handwritten, heartfelt personal note deepens relationships and makes the recipient feel special.

Call your clients. Take a cue from the season—a few extra phone calls now serves to plant the seeds for future referrals. Pick up the phone and touch base with your clients. Referral Maker® real estate CRM makes it easy to keep in touch with your clients by giving you proven dialogues to start the conversation. Visit ReferralMaker.com to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial.

Stay on top of your marketing. The summer is no time to slack on sending your marketing items. Sending your marketing flyers and eReports each month helps you stay consistent and keeps you at the top of your clients’ minds.

Take a vacation. While taking time off may not directly provide value to your clients, it does allow you to clear your mind so that you can come back to the office refreshed, which will make you a more effective professional in the end. Instead of feeling frazzled and frustrated, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

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