5 Ways to Make Your Summer Client Party Unforgettable

Take advantage of the delicious food that’s in-season, like strawberries.

Have you started planning your summer client party? The summer is a great time to host a client party to thank your clients for their business and for their referrals. The warm weather and sunshine lend to a fun and festive entertaining environment. Make your party stand out from the other parties your clients will attend this summer. Here are five ways to add personal touches to your party and make it memorable:

1. Get creative to ensure that your décor fits the theme of your party. Find inspiration from Pinterest or crafty websites, including Martha Stewart. Or, if you don’t have the time or energy, hit up your local party store for some fun and festive items.

2. Serve the meal family style. For smaller parties, gather your guests around one large table and pass the food around in serving dishes. This will make the party more intimate and allow people to chat and get to know one another in an informal setting.

3. Incorporate homey features. Write the menu on a chalkboard or cut flowers from your garden and place them in mason jars in the center of the table. These seemingly small things add a personal touch, and are sure to put your guests at ease.

4. Include the fruits of the season in the beverages you serve. Fill a pitcher with water and put in a few slices of cucumber, lemon, lime, berries or mint for a refreshing summer drink. Since these items are widely available at this time of year, buying them won’t put a dent in your wallet. If your neighbors grow these in their yards, ask them if you can have some, and be sure to invite them to your party.

5. Plan activities. Games are sure to make the party even more fun, and allow people to get to know one another. Set up a space for horseshoes or another fun outdoor game where guests can meet and greet.

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