5 Ways to Make Your Property Listings Pop

Get your listings sold with these tips.

Get your listings sold with these tips.

With the majority of buyers starting their home searches online, the property listing has become even more important. Gone are the days when a few pictures would entice a buyer to call for a showing. Today’s Internet-savvy buyers want to imagine themselves in the home before they pick up the phone. Follow these tips to pique buyers’ interest in your properties.

1. Get the property ready for its close-up. In order to show the home in its best light, decluttering is essential. Encourage the homeowners to clear the clutter by packing up valuables, unused furniture and other items that take up space. And don’t forget about the exterior of the home. Encourage them to spruce up the home’s exterior by mowing the lawn, weeding and sweeping the walkways.

2. Write a great description. A well-written listing description can help potential buyers visualize themselves living in the home. Sure, it’s important to include details about the home, but also remember to evoke feelings. This is a big purchase for most buyers, and while they may be focused on ticking the boxes of their must-have checklists, they’re also looking for a home that gives them that feeling of being home.

3. Use great photos. The listing description tells the story; however, great photos really set the stage. While you can take the photos yourself using the right equipment, think about hiring a professional for higher-end homes.

4. Offer a glimpse of the neighborhood. Don’t limit your photos to just the property. In many cases, it’s wise to include photos of the neighborhood so that potential buyers can understand the culture and vibe of the community.

5. Incorporate video. A short, one-minute video gives buyers a complete view of the property. Consider including one to encourage potential buyers to view the property in person.

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