5 Ways to Include Video to Provide Value to Clients

Want to 'wow' your clients? Include video in your next email.

Want to ‘wow’ your clients? Include video in your next email.

Video is a great way to connect with clients while providing value. Since your clients aren’t expecting this type of marketing, it’s easier to pierce their defenses, so to speak. With video, not only can you tailor your messaging to each type of client, but this communication method feels more personal—it’s like you’re speaking directly to them. Whether you include them as part of an email marketing campaign or you post them on your website, here are five ways to use video in your marketing.

Update clients on the state of the market. The market is always changing. A quarterly video on the state of the local market is something that your clients will find valuable regardless of whether they’re currently in the process of buying or selling. A short video that features a few tidbits of information about the market, such as average home price, the number of days on market, and if it’s a buyers’ or sellers’ market, give clients a quick glimpse on the health of the market. Send it out to your best clients via email or post it on your website.

Follow up your Marketing Flyer. If you know that a topic is of interest to your clients, a short video will reinforce its significance and allow you to show your care and concern for your clients.

Introduce the eReport. Although there is a brief introduction in the text above the eReport, a video serves to drive home the eReport topic and gives you an opportunity to show your character and competence.

Explain the real estate process to buyers and sellers. Even if a client has bought or sold a home before, the process may have changed since they did. They’re sure to find a video that walks them through the real estate process as incredibly valuable. Make separate videos for buyers and sellers, and offer helpful tips for each. While this doesn’t replace a personal office visit, it is something that they can watch again at any time.

Touch base after an open house. Many agents lose touch with the people they meet while hosting an open house. Don’t be one of them. Send a video email to the people who attended your open house, thanking them for attending and also reminding them of the services you provide.

Referral Maker Tip: Be sure to end the videos with a reminder than you’re never too busy for your clients’ referrals!

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