5 Ways to Improve Your Mind, And Your Business, in 2015

Reading is a great way to improve your mind and learn something new.

Reading is a great way to improve your mind and learn something new.

Did you know that if you improve your mind, you can improve your business? It’s true, the more you learn from books, workshops, mentors, etc. the better able you are to take your business to new heights. The New Year provides the ideal starting point to improve your mind and skills in 2015. If you want to have your best year ever and improve your mind, follow these tips:

1. Read. It sounds so simple, but reading can do wonders to sharpen your mind and improve your knowledge. While business-type books are ideal, don’t shy away from reading the classics of literature—studies show that fiction readers have more empathy than people who avoid reading fiction.

2. Foster good habits. Good habits are often what separate the successful from the masses. Think of a few good habits you’d like to adopt and set about making them a habit. For example, instead of checking your email on your phone when you’re in line for groceries or at the DMV, read a book or make a few client calls. Since a habit takes 21 days to form, place reminders, such as sticky notes, around your home and office to help you remember.

3. Get a mentor. We’re the sum total of the people we associate with, so be sure you’re surrounding yourself with successful people, including a mentor. A mentor not only offers advice when you need it, they also provide the motivation and inspiration you need to take your success to the next level.

4. Be a mentor. Is there someone in your office and life that’s just starting out in their career? You may be able to offer them advice and help guide them along their path. Offering help not only makes you feel good, you might just find you learn a thing or two in the process as well.

5. Never stop growing. Continuous learning is essential to run a successful business. Whether you take a class online or at the local college, or you register for seminars or real estate events in your area (like Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2015), commit to professional development this year to take your business to the next level.

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