5 Ways to Help Your Sellers Stage Their Homes

Mowing the lawn is an easy way to spruce up the property.

Mowing the lawn is an easy way to spruce up the property.

The majority of buyers start their home searches on the Internet. Once they see a home with potential, they may drive by it to see if the outside lives up to the pictures in the listing. If the home still stokes their interest, they’ll often contact their real estate professional for a showing. Since most buyers form an opinion of a home within the first ten seconds of seeing it, agents encourage their sellers to stage their homes. While there’s an emphasis on staging the inside of the home, it’s also important to stage the outside as well. After all, if the outside looks like a hot mess, many buyers will give the home a swerve, even if the interior is staged to the nines.

5 Tips to Make A Home’s Exterior Sparkle
1. Mow. The state of the lawn gives buyer an immediate first impression of the home. If it looks like it’s been neglected—the grass is long, the hedges are wild and the weeds are successfully plotting a coup to take over the entire lawn—potential buyers may get the impression that the rest of the home has been neglected as well. Encourage your sellers to mow the lawn and trim the hedges every week. If they don’t have the time or ability to do so, connect them with a lawn care service in your network.

2. Sweep the walkway. Clear the walkway of debris and toys to ensure that potential buyers and guests can reach the home without tripping.

3. Change the light bulbs. Not only is outdoor lighting a great security feature, it also gives buyers a clearer view of your house. Change any burned out or dimming light bulbs to put your home in the best light.

4. Add color. Potted plants are a quick and easy way to boost curb appeal and add cheer and color to the exterior of your home. Look for colorful and easy-to-maintain plants that require little water and additional care. Add a touch of color to the landscape with the help of colorful pots, or add some new cushions to the outdoor furniture.

5. Clean. A thorough cleaning of the exterior will make the home shine like (nearly) new. Clean the gutters, wash the windows and scrub the numbers on the house to make it easy for buyers to spot it.
If your sellers hemming and hawing about staging their homes tell them this: According to a survey by HomeGain.com, homes that are staged spend 83% less time on the market than those that aren’t staged.
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