5 Ways to Give Excellent Customer Service

Great customer service doesn’t end when the transaction does. Finding a way to help is a great way to offer customer service to your clients.

Why do your clients refer you? If you’re a Buffini & Company Member, the excellent service you provide to your clients may play a role. Excellent customer service only takes a minute to give, but the results create a lasting impact and often result in referrals. Here are five ways to offer your clients great customer service:

Write a thank you note. Your mother was right—a hand-written note after speaking or meeting with a client is good manners and it shows that you appreciate them.

Follow up with a phone call. A brief phone call to check in with your clients is a smart way to show that you care as well as answer any follow up questions they may have.

Listen. People want to be heard, especially if they’re dealing with a problem or want their questions answered. Instead of thinking ahead to your response, be present and really listen to what they’re saying and their body language. Not only will they appreciate it, it will also allow you to meet their needs and find a resolution.

Do the unexpected extras. Do the little things that show your clients that you care. Go the extra mile, pop-by with their favorite beverage or other small gift and make an effort to make them feel special when you interact with them.

Find ways to be of service. If your client mentions a need—perhaps they’re looking for a good roofer—offer to connect them with someone in your network. Or, if they express concerns or anxiety during the real estate transaction, put them at ease with reassuring phrases and your knowledge of the market.

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