5 Ways to Educate Your Clients about the Local Real Estate Market

Keep your clients informed about the local market and you’ll help them to make wiser real estate decisions.


Real estate is a hot topic for many people, regardless of whether they’re in the market to buy or sell. When people grow bored of discussing the weather, they begin to talk about so-and-so down the street who has his home on the market or a co-worker who had to compete with several buyers when bidding on a home in a neighboring town. Since you’re the expert of your local real estate market, you can clear through the gossip and hearsay and drop some real knowledge. Share what you know with your clients and help to give them a clearer picture of the market, and the real estate industry in general. Here are five ways to keep your clients in-the-know about the market.

• Monthly marketing flyers: The Marketing Flyers included in your monthly Referral Maker™ Marketing Kit cover topics including home renovation, the state of the national market, mortgages and other interesting topics. In addition to being full of great information, the Marketing Flyer also gives you the perfect reason to call or email your clients to give them the scoop on the local market.

• Regular communication: Frequent contact with your clients is essential to building your relationships with them. A quick phone call or email to your clients to give them an update on the real estate market will not only showcase your real estate expertise, it’ll also keep you at the top of their minds when referring an agent to friends, family or others in their networks.

• Brian Buffini’s Real Estate Report: Twice a year, Buffini & Company releases Brian Buffini’s Real Estate Report, an overview of the national real estate market that is full of up-to-date statistics about buying, selling, mortgages and the industry in general. It provides insight on the national market and allows the opportunity to show off your knowledge to compare the local market with the national market.

• Social media: Are home sales picking up in the area? Are you seeing more multiple offers on homes? Share this information with your clients on social media, where they can see it, “like” it and share it with their networks. Not only do you position yourself as an expert with your clients, you also allow their social networks to see you as an expert as well.

• Workshops with professionals in your network: Chances are, your clients have questions about mortgages, renovations and other home-related topics. Luckily, these experts are in your network—they’re the professionals you refer your clients to each day. Organize a workshop or seminar with a great lender, contractor or other professional in your network and invite your clients to come.

The more your clients know about the local market, the better equipped they will be to make sound decisions about their real estate investments. Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software will help you keep track of who to contact and when, and will help you organize your print and digital marketing campaigns so that you can do what you do best—serve your clients. Visit the Referral Maker website to learn more about how Referral Maker CRM can boost your business productivity, or experience it first-hand with a free 30-day trial.


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