5 Ways to Be Relentless

How do you deal when the rain falls? Here are 5 ways to be relentless.

How do you deal when the rain falls? Here are 5 ways to be relentless.

It doesn’t matter who you are—in life you will face challenges. Sometimes they’re small, easily surmountable challenges; other times they’re big, ugly, messy challenges. While some folks crumble and give up at the first drops of rain, others put on their wellies and prepare for the coming storm. Be the latter. Here’s how.

Be optimistic. Optimistic people aren’t blind to problems; they just choose to see them as new challenges to face. They have confidence in their knowledge and abilities, and are eager to work through challenges—after all, challenges provide an opportunity to use their knowledge and abilities.

Be thirsty for the experience. When life hands you a new challenge, understand that regardless of the outcome, you’ll have accrued valuable experience that you can use should you encounter a similar situation in the future.

Embrace change. Life is all about change. It’s easy to sit back and resist change; however, in order to weather the storms that arise, it’s important to change and adapt to your new surroundings.  Now, that doesn’t mean giving up on the time-tested strategies that have worked for you in the past—like phone calls, personal notes and Pop-Bys. However, it does mean adding a few new strategies to your quiver, such as social media.

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Ride the momentum. Cyclists understand that it’s easier to pedal up a steep hill when you use your downhill momentum from the hill you just conquered. The same goes for success. When you’re on a roll, don’t just call it day. Keep going—make a few more calls, write a few more personal notes, deliver a few more Pop-Bys. Don’t just rest on your laurels—get after it!

Maintain composure. When things go wrong, it’s easy to lose it and scream profanities. While dropping F bombs and name calling may make you feel better for an instant, it can create problems and impact how people see you. Instead, take a breath (or several) and keep your cool. If all else fails, remember that this too shall pass.
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One thought on “5 Ways to Be Relentless

  1. BettyJean O'Donnell

    This is all great advice on Being Relentless. Though some of it sounds simple, it is the consistency with which you do even the simplest things that helps you to handle the most difficult circumstances with grace. My favorite here is to be thirsty for challenging experiences. I confess that I am thirsty for the lemonade, not the lemons! But experience is what makes me more effective.


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