5 Unexpected Extras that Turn Clients into Loyal Advocates

Doing the unexpected extras for your clients is sure to turn them into your biggest advocates.

Think of the last time you were at the car repair shop or at a restaurant and received an unexpected service or treat that you didn’t ask for. Perhaps your car repair shop washes your car or offers a rental car when you get your car serviced. Maybe the waiter at your favorite restaurant gave you a free delicious dessert the last time you were there. How happy were you when you received these services? Did it make you want to sing from the nearest rooftop…or at least tell everyone you spoke to that day?

The same holds true for your business. By going the extra mile for your clients before, during and after a real estate transaction has closed, you establish the trust in your character and competence required to assure future referrals. These unexpected extras are the little things that show your clients that you see them as a person, not as a commission check, and you appreciate them as a client.

1. Surpass Expectations
Ask yourself what you can do to go above and beyond what your clients expect. Show them that you care with a phone call or personal note.

2. Go the Extra Mile
An easy way to turn your client into an advocate and enjoy future referrals is to offer them a free product or service, something small that shows that you value them. Pop-By with a small gift.

3. Address a Need
When you speak with your clients, listen for any challenges they are facing that you may be able to help them address through your expertise or contacts in your database. For example, if a client mentions a desire to landscape his backyard, put him in contact with a landscaper from your business directory.

4. Problems are Opportunities to Leave a Positive Impression
In any real estate transaction, problems can arise. As a professional in the real estate field, you have the expertise to handle potential challenges with aplomb. Make sure that you put your clients at ease with reassuring phrases intended to diminish anxiety.

For example: For sellers who are unfamiliar with the real estate process, even minor setbacks can seem like huge problems. To put their minds at ease, say:
“Everything is going to work out.”
“This is not unusual.”
”We are right on top of everything.”

5. Make it Personal
Get to know your clients: Ask questions and listen when they speak. By paying attention to what your clients tell you, you can deliver excellent personalized service. Remember to add anything they tell you to their profile in your Referral Maker™ CRM database.

By committing to doing the unexpected extras for each of your clients, you’ll enjoy high-quality referrals and repeat business year after year. And you’ll have a database full of happy advocates.

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