5 Tips to Take Great Real Estate Photos

According to the latest figures from the National Association of Realtors 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, more than 90% of home buyers used the Internet in their home search. More buyers are using the Internet to find and narrow down the list of prospective homes. Photos offer an important first impression of the home, and can help to pique a buyer’s curiosity to see more or make them want to give it a swerve entirely.

While many real estate agents hire professionals to take interior and exterior photos, you can often take these shots yourself with the right camera and equipment. Here are five tips for taking great real estate photos:

1. Use a tripod, which will help you shoot the room straight on.

2. Get low. Shoot the rooms from a few feet above the floor for a more flattering shot.

3. Turn on the lights to illuminate your shots and use as much natural light from outside as possible. However, turn off the flash on your camera. If you’re shooting the exterior of the house, do so at dusk when the light is better for taking those shots.

4. Stage the rooms. A few pieces of furniture will give the room scale. If the sellers are living in the home, encourage them to clear the clutter and even move a few pieces of furniture temporarily so that you can get the right shots. If the home has a fireplace, archways or other interesting architecture, be sure to play it up in the photographs.

5. Use the right lens. While a wide-angle lens is great for exterior shots, a regular lens is ideal to shoot the interior. Wide-angle lenses tend to make interiors appear smaller than they are.

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