5 Tips to Shoot Memorable Real Estate Videos

A well-shot video can help your listings to stand out online, and pique the interest of prospective buyers.

Get ready for your close-up: Videos are a great way to personalize the way you market your brand and your properties. More real estate professionals are posting videos of their listings on YouTube and why not? YouTube is a top social network with more than 1 billion unique users each month.* Here are five tips to shoot a memorable real estate video:

1. Record the audio separately and dub it in later. Recording the audio separately offers two benefits: 1. You do as many takes of the audio as you wish without impacting the video and 2. You can maintain high-quality sound. Just make sure that when you record your voice, you do so in a quiet room.

2. Write a great script. Skip the obvious—buyers can get the quick overview about the home’s roof and HVAC system on the MLS. This is your opportunity to outline the great benefits that the home offers such as fantastic views, a prime downtown location, close proximity to excellent schools or its potential for entertaining or raising a family.

3. Keep it short. A video of around 5 minutes is enough to pique your potential buyers’ curiosity and prompt them to see it in person. If your video is too long, buyers will stop watching it after a few minutes; if it’s too short, it may not prompt buyers to call for a showing.

4. Take high quality video. Many phones and cameras shoot HD video, so use it. Also, use video editing software to ensure the audio matches each scene and the transitions between the rooms is seamless.

5. Lighting is everything. When shooting inside of a house open the curtains, turn on all of the lights and shoot during the day to maximize the use of natural light. Remember, you want to show the home in its best light (pun intended).

Bonus tip: Make sure that you include keywords in your video’s title and description to ensure that interested potential buyers can find it.

Once you’ve recorded and edited your video, send it to potential interested buyers in an email from your Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software. Who knows, your great listing video may catch the attention of one of your current clients or one of their friends or family members. Visit Referral Maker to learn more and to start using Referral Maker today.


Source: YouTube Press Statistics


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