5 Tips to Help You Boost Your Performance

Optimize your productivity and performance with these tips!

Optimize your productivity and performance with these tips!

Many of us want to be more productive and work at our optimal performance level. However, we think the way to get there is through long hours, sacrificing time with our loved ones, overlooking our health and giving up sleep. Then, we wonder why—after months of working non-stop with little sleep, exercise or time with our friends and loved ones—we’re not seeing the results we expected. Instead of being more productive, we’re fast-tracked ourselves to Burnout City. If you want boost your productivity and performance, follow these five tips:

1. Exercise. Whether you do it for 20 minutes or an hour, exercise gets your blood pumping, boosts your mood, gets endorphins and feel-good chemicals flowing and primes your brain to tackle the challenges of your day. Take a walk, go to the gym or run your favorite local trail—whatever you do, move your body. Your productivity will thank you.

2. Boost your relationships. Spending time with the people you care about relieves stress, boosts your happiness and helps you maintain motivation as you seek to reach your goals. Unfortunately, time with loved ones is often the first thing that’s cut when we get busy. Instead of rescheduling plans with friends and loved ones, honor your commitments and enjoy the benefits of being social.

3. Get your rest. Breaks and sleep are two of the most underrated productivity tools. Like time with friends and loved ones, when we get busy, we also begin to skimp on sleep and eliminate breaks during the day. When we’re tired, it’s impossible to perform at our best, and coffee can only take us so far. By scheduling in short breaks throughout the day and getting a good night’s sleep, we help our brain to function at its best, think clearly and creatively and make the best decisions for the business.

4. Change your outlook. This is a tough one for many, especially those who aren’t naturally optimistic. Having a positive outlook is not only beneficial to your health; it also makes you more productive, keeps your motivation high and helps you maintain perspective, even during the most challenging times. By taking charge of your happiness, you’re able to perform at your best.

5. Be thankful every day. Adopting an attitude of gratitude not only increases your happiness, it also helps you keep perspective and stay motivated, both of which are important for your productivity and performance. Write down three things that you’re grateful for each day, and refer to your list often.

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