5 Tips to Communicate with Clients via Text

Texts are a quick and easy way to touch base with your clients. Just make sure you follow these tips to avoid a mishap.


Text messaging is becoming a popular way to connect with clients. In addition to phone calls and emails, many agents are using their smart phones to text property information or other short messages to their buyers and sellers. In fact, 49% of buyers feel that an agent’s ability to send information and communicate via text is important.* Although text messaging may be one of the quickest ways to communicate, it also leaves one open to opportunities to make a huge faux pas.

5 Tips for Texting
1. Keep it short. The point of text messaging to communicate one or two short sentences, not write a dissertation of the property. Save the novel for an email or for when you can communicate in person.

2. Use few abbreviations. Abbreviating a word or two may allow you to say more in a text, but your message shouldn’t force the recipient to become a code cracker. Remember, you’re helping the person buy or sell a house, not smuggle secret plans across enemy lines.

3. Read before you send. Although autocorrect is a helpful tool, there’s a reason why there’s a humorous website dedicated to its mishaps. Read over what you’ve tapped or swiped before you hit send to save yourself any embarrassing moments.

4. Keep it light and positive. Like email, text messaging is often open to interpretation. After all, aside from emoticons—which aren’t very professional—it’s difficult to express sentiment through the written word. Save serious topics for face-to-face or voice-to-voice communication.

5. Always be polite. Use “please” and “thank you” even if you have to abbreviate them “pls” and “ty.” There’s always room for good manners.

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*Source: NAR 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

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