5 Tips for Deeper Connections to Your Clients

Build stronger relationships with your clients with these tips.

Build stronger relationships with your clients with these tips.

As a real estate professional who works by referral, you know that it’s the quality of your relationships that helps to drive your business’s success. Building strong relationships with your best client provides insight into better and more effective ways that you can serve them. And when the service you provide is stellar, the more likely your clients are to refer you to other great people. Building relationships with your clients takes time, especially if you’re new to the industry. However, taking the time to do so is something that will pay off in the long run. After all, there’s no quick and easy path to success. Here are some tips to help you build the foundation for lasting client relationships.

1. Listen. Get to know your clients better by listening to them. Ask them an open-ended question and then ask a follow up question. Resist the urge to dominate the conversation or one-up their stories. Remember, the idea is to get to know them better, not to keep the spotlight on you.

2. Fill a need. Depending on the length, most conversations can cover quite a few topics. Listen for a need to fill. If your client mentions that he hates yard work, offer to connect him with a lawn service in your network.

3. Find commonalities. If you’ve just met someone, it’s important to establish common ground. Maybe you love (or hate) the same sports team, share the same hobby or have a favorite musical artist in common. Find out what it is and be sure to make note of it in your Referral Maker® real estate CRM database so that you won’t forget.

4. Find a way to reciprocate. If they’ve helped you in some way, be sure to say thank you and find a way to return the favor, whether they’ve sent a referral your way or they let you borrow their phone when you locked your keys and phone in your car.

5. Practice on everyone you meet. You never know who’s going to become one of your top clients. Someone whom you just met could refer you to three of their friends based on your service. Follow these tips when speaking with anyone that you meet. Not only will practice help you to expand your social circle, it’ll also help you build relationships with potential clients.

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