5 Tips for a Great Listing Appointment

listing appointment

As a real estate professional, you’ve been at the helm of many listing presentations, and we’re sure you have the battle stories to prove it. Listing presentations offer the best opportunity to show your potential clients you’re the best qualified person to market and sell their home. The secret to a great listing presentation is preparation. Here are five ways to knock your next listing presentation out of the park.

1. Focus on communication. Communication is the key to trust. In many cases, a phone call will be your first contact with your sellers. It’s important to project positivity—put a smile on your face and remind them you’re there to answer any questions they have. Remember to update their entry in Referral Maker CRM once you hang up.
2. Be punctual. The ultimate courtesy is to respect the other person’s time, so be on time. Similarly, keep an eye on the time during your presentation. By all means, explain how you plan to market their home, but be sure to leave time for questions and comments.
3. Prepare. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fifth listing presentation or your hundredth, preparation is essential. Learn more about their home, pull images from Google maps of the property and surrounding area and think of a plan to market their home. They’ll be able to tell if you’ve done your homework. Further, practice your presentation several times before your appointment. This will help you work out any issues and will ensure you put your best foot forward.
4. Listen. While many sellers appear to be cool and confident, most will only go through the process a few times in their lives. They may be nervous. Listen to what they say and be aware of their body language to see what they’re not saying as well. This will give you more insight into how you can serve them.
5. Follow up. Once the presentation is over, be sure to follow up with them with a phone call and personal note. Referral Maker CRM makes it easy to remember to stay in touch with your clients.

Use RM CRM to help you stay in touch and prepare for your presentation. Referral Maker features dialogs to use to make connecting with your clients even easier. You can also find out who lives nearby and deliver Pop-Bys after your appointment. Visit ReferralMaker.com for more information.



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