5 Things to Do Before Bedtime to Boost Your Productivity All Day

Recharge your batteries and make yourself more effective all day with these tips.

Recharge your batteries and make yourself more effective all day with these tips.

The most successful business professionals have honed productive routines for their mornings, afternoons and evenings. This doesn’t mean that they’re making calls or working well into the evening; rather, they set aside time to recharge their batteries and reconnect with what’s important to them. Here are five habits to add to your evening routine.
Read. Before bed is one of the best times to curl up with a good book. Take fifteen to thirty minutes before your head hits the pillow to read positive, thought-provoking or inspiring books. Remember, you are what you read, so be sure to choose books that will give you the knowledge and motivation you need to lead a thriving business.

Turn off your gadgets. If your smartphone or tablet has been attached to your hand all day, put it away at a certain time each night. Put it in a drawer or box and resist the urge to check it fifty times an hour. Once it’s away, don’t look at it until the next morning.

Spend time with loved ones. One of the best gifts you can give your family is your time. Make a standing date to have dinner with them at least once a week and use this time to reconnect with your spouse and children and discuss what’s going on in their lives. Or, if you have young children, set aside time to read them a bedtime story when you get home from work. Life is short, so be sure to spend time with the people who matter the most.

Plan your day. Planning allows you to set your priorities for the next day. When you plan your day the night before, you’re able to start your day focused on the most important activities for your business.

Get to bed. Sleep is vital to your health and productivity. While there are people who are able to get away with four or five hours of sleep and still feel as refreshed as a rose in the morning, most of us aren’t like that. If you wake up in the morning groggy and/or cranky, make it a point to get more rest. Ease into it—start by going to bed just five minutes earlier until you’ve reached your ideal bedtime.

As with anything, these habits will take time to form and become automatic. However, once they are, you’ll find that you’re more productive and successful than you were before. For more tips to help your business thrive, sign up for Brian Buffini’s Success Tour! This two-day event is jam-packed with knowledge and tips to help you have your best year ever. Visit BrianBuffini.com to reserve your seat at the live event or the live webstream today!

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