5 Steps for Higher Productivity

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Many agents work tirelessly, often skipping lunch and staying late, to check off all the boxes on the day’s to-do list. They repeat the cycle day in and day out for weeks at a time and then wonder why they’re feeling burned out and tired all the time. They may also wonder why they’re not seeing results. The more you work the better the results you’ll have, right? Not so much. The key to productivity isn’t working more; it’s being smarter with the hours you have. It’s about creating structure, delegating tasks and embracing the word “no” all to help you manage your energy so you can give your clients the best service you offer.

Embrace structure
One of the benefits of working in real estate is you can be your own boss—there’s no one to tell you what to do. However, this freedom can be a double-edge sword; while your schedule is flexible and you can work as many hours as you wish, when it gets busy it’s tempting to work all the time. Working all the time doesn’t make you more productive, it just leaves you feeling tired and frustrated.
• Know your priorities. Look over your to-do list and choose the one or two tasks you have to get done that day, then focus on them. Once those are complete, choose the next most important task and so on. Prioritizing keeps you from falling prey to distractions.
• Schedule your day into 90 minute blocks. The most productive people utilize time blocking to ensure they have the focus and energy to get done what they need to. Studies show we focus best in 90 minute blocks. Between blocks, build in a 15 to 20 minute break to rest your mind and recharge your internal battery.

Referral Maker® CRM can help you prioritize and stay organized. Just review your Dashboard to see what you have on the agenda for the day and plot accordingly.

One of the common traps of running a business is feeling compelled to do everything yourself. True, you’re the only one who can do it the ‘right’ way; that is, your way. However, delegating tasks to your assistant or team will help you clear the deck of time-consuming tasks and overflow so you can focus on the big picture and do the tasks that drive your business.

Just say “no”
It’s tempting to say yes to everything, even against our better judgment, especially when we’re just starting out in the business. After all, successful people don’t turn away business do they? The most successful agents and brokers understand their time is valuable. Instead of taking on every person who contacts them, they choose who’d they like to work with. That high-maintenance client who takes up a hours of time each day? They just say “no” to their business. Working by referral provides real estate professionals the opportunity to be selective about who they work with and earn the referrals of their great clients, so they can say no to clients who may turn out to be nightmares.

Be sure to keep your contacts’ information up-to-date in Referral Maker CRM. Referral Maker allows you to see who’s referring you the most so you know who to spend the most time with.

When you take these three simple steps, you’ll regain control of your time and business and have more energy to focus on the activities and people who matter the most. Instead of working around the clock and sacrificing time with family and hobbies, you’ll be able to plan how you’ll spend your day and include time for rest and recovery. You’ll find you have more energy for your business, your clients and your loved ones. Referral Maker can help you stay on top of all aspects of your business—from goal setting to tracking your daily activities. If you’re not using Referral Maker, what are you waiting for? Visit ReferralMaker.com for more information.

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