5 Steps for More Effective Calls

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Even if you’ve been in the real estate business for years, there may be days when you feel nervous to call your database. As technology makes it easier to replace talking on the phone with sending emails and texts, many agents, especially younger ones, feel less comfortable calling up their clients. While connecting via text is fine if that’s what your clients prefer, it’s still important to call your clients who prefer to speak on the phone. Similarly, you may be intimidated to speak on the phone with a referral or client you don’t know very well. Here’s how to get motivated to dial when you’re anxious about picking up the phone.

1. Start with your favorite person. If there’s a client who you love to talk to, call them first. This will help you gain the confidence and comfort needed to speak with another client. If your database is small and you don’t have a favorite client yet, call your mom or a friend. The intention is to become more comfortable to pick up the phone again. And, chances are, once you have one great conversation, you’ll still have a smile on your face when you make that next call.

2. Keep it short. Set a timer for five minutes and stick to that time-frame. You’re calling to check in; not plan out the guidelines for world peace.

3. Moderate the speed of your voice. Often, when people get nervous, they begin to speak faster and faster. This is not the time to practice for your next career as an auctioneer. Focus on speaking at a normal speed.

4. Listen for a need. Whenever you speak to your clients, listen for a need you can fill, whether it’s to answer a real estate-related question or to connect them with a professional in your network.

5. Let ReferralMaker CRM help you do the work. Referral Maker CRM is full of proven dialogues intended to help you get the conversation going when you’re not quite sure what to say. Use these to help you start the conversation and be sure to update your clients’ information when you hang up the phone.

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