5 People to Connect with This Spring

Spring is a great time to connect with your clients, including recent buyers and sellers.

Spring is a great time to connect with your clients, including recent buyers and sellers.

When you work by referral, keeping in touch with your clients is all the more important. After all, it’s their referrals that drive your business. Many agents lose touch with their clients after the transaction has closed, often because they don’t think that their clients want to hear from them. However, the opposite is true—buyers and sellers want to hear from their agents after the transaction has closed. Here are five people to touch base with now.

Recent buyers
Even if it’s been a few weeks or months since the ink dried on the contract, there’s always an opportunity to reconnect. Since it’s spring, deliver a cheerful plant to plant in the garden or to place on the deck or patio. Or, just pick up the phone and call them to see how they’re enjoying their new home. Don’t forget to remind them of your network of qualified home professionals and services that you’re more than happy to connect them with—all they have to do is ask!

Recent sellers
As with recent buyers, reconnecting with your recent sellers is easier since you’re still acquainted. Write them a personal note to tell them how much you enjoyed working with them. You’ll let them know that you’re thinking about them, which can help to build the foundation of a lasting relationship.

Clients from the past year
Although some time has passed, it’s not too late to reconnect. Whether you write them a personal note or include a personal message on the letter of your monthly Marketing Flyer, there’s always an opportunity to reconnect and let them know that you’re never too busy to answer their questions or discuss the market.

Clients from more than a year ago
Many agents feel silly reconnecting with clients from long ago. However, it’s truly never too late to contact a client. Call them and offer to give them a free market assessment of their home or review some stats about the local market. If they had been thinking of buying or selling, reconnecting with them may prompt them to act. Give them a call or send them a letter to reconnect with them.

Clients who have referred you
Clients who refer you help your business succeed. Make sure you make these clients your A+ and A VIPs. Make it a point to get in touch with them every month either by phone, note, or a pop-by or plan to meet them for coffee or lunch. Be sure to thank them for their business and referrals.

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