5 People to Connect to Your First-Time Homeowners

Connect your first-time homeowners with the great tradespeople in your network, such as window installation professionals.

Connect your first-time homeowners with the great tradespeople in your network, such as window installation professionals.

Congratulations for helping your first-time homebuyers fulfill their dream and become homeowners. However, your interaction with them doesn’t have to end when they get the keys to their home. Even if a home is brand new, there are still maintenance and upkeep things that should be done, particularly before the cold weather sets in. Offer your homeowners the unexpected extra of introducing them to reputable professionals in your network.

• HVAC and furnace professionals: A home’s heating and cooling system keeps the home a comfortable temperature and may filter out pollutants and allergens in the air. While changing HVAC filters entails a quick trip to the local hardware store, the furnace isn’t quite so simple. In order to keep the furnace humming efficiently, have it inspected every fall by a licensed HVAC specialist. Connect your homeowners with a reputable one in your network.

• Window installation professionals: Inefficient or improperly sealed windows can reduce the efficiency of your home. In fact up to 80% of a home’s heat loss occurs through cracks in the home, including the spaces around the windows. While most of your clients may be able to caulk the spaces around the window, other homeowners may want to upgrade to more energy efficient windows. Connect them with a company that you’ve worked with to help them save money this winter.

• House painter: The summer is a great time to paint or stain the house. Paint and stain protect the exterior of the home and boost the property’s curb appeal. While many homeowners will tackle this project in a weekend or two, connect them with a professional painting service in your network to help the project get done in a quick and efficient manner.

• Chimney sweep: It’s important to have wood-burning fireplaces and gas stoves cleaned and inspected each year to prevent the buildup of creosote, a highly flammable substance that collects in chimney. A professional chimney sweep will clean the fireplace and stove pipes and inspect it for damage. Be sure to connect them before the chilly weather sets in—the chimney should get a good cleaning in the autumn.

• A landscaping or lawn service: Whether the homeowners want to work with the landscape that they’ve been given or they want to give it a full facelift, a landscaper can help them choose plants, shrubs and trees that work with their goals for the space. Additionally, a lawn service can help them keep up on maintenance and keep the property’s curb appeal high.

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