5 Lessons We Learned from Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2014

Want to take your business to the next level and become a true professional? Attend Brian Buffini's Success Tour 2015.

Want to take your business to the next level and become a true professional? Attend Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2015.

As the year begins to wind down, we begin to think about the past year and lessons we learned. If you attended Brian Buffini’s Success Tour, the real estate event of 2014, you’ve picked up useful tips from five of the best and brightest minds in business today. If you missed it, or would like to refresh your memories, here are five lessons we learned from the guest speakers of Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2014.
1. The key to success is acting on your ideas. Many of us are full of ideas. According to best-selling author and entrepreneur Brian Tracy, the Success Tour’s special guest in Seattle, having ideas isn’t enough—you much act on them. The most successful people act quickly on their ideas. By putting your ideas into action, you have the chance to acquire feedback from other people and refine your ideas.

2. Feed your mental positive dog every day. Positivity expert, Jon Gordon, the Success Tour’s special guest in Richmond, gave viewers and audience members his time-tested and proven tips for using positivity to help us fuel our success in business and in life. Many of us become so caught up in the negativity around us that we end up fearful and dissatisfied. Instead of feeding into this fear and doubt, we must make it a habit to feed our positive dog each day with gratitude and optimism. This will help us to change our perspective and thrive.

3. Gratitude is powerful, and may impact your success. According to positive psychologist, Shawn Achor, the Success Tour’s special guest in San Jose, optimistic people are more successful than their negative counterparts. Train yourself to be happier by becoming more grateful. Gratitude is important year-round, not just at Thanksgiving. Get in the habit of writing down three things you’re grateful for every day for 21 days (the number of days it typically takes to form a habit), and be specific. Writing down what you’re thankful for will give you a fresh perspective, help you to appreciate what you have and help you banish negative thoughts.

4. To be an effective leader, you must follow the 6 rules of leadership. New York City Success Tour attendees were treated to leadership lessons from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. His leadership rules include having strong beliefs, fostering an optimistic mindset, having courage, being prepared, working alongside a team of talented people and having strong communication skills. By developing these skills, you’ll be able to become a strong and successful leader.

5. Despite your circumstances, you can rise above to reach your true potential. The Success Tour ended 2014 in Toronto with a healthy (and hilarious) dose of inspiration from best-selling author and motivational speaker, Les Brown. To say that Les Brown came from humble beginnings is an understatement. He and his twin brother were adopted as infants and were raised by a very loving, but poor, single mother. He defied the odds with the help of a couple of strong mentors and found success as a radio deejay, and later a motivational speaker. What was his secret to reaching his dreams? He never stopped being hungry. Because of this drive, he did whatever it took to succeed, until he fulfilled his dream.

Brian Buffini will be bringing his Success Tour to six cities across North American in 2015, giving you six chances to get the knowledge and inspiration you need to thrive in real estate and in life. If you can’t make it to any of the live events, sign up for the pay-per-view broadcast and watch it from the comfort of your home or office. Visit BrianBuffini.com to register today and secure your spot!

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