5 Ideas for Spring Pop-Bys

A plant and some gardening tools make a great spring Pop-By.

A plant and some gardening tools make a great spring Pop-By.

The spring is a great time to pop by to your favorite clients with a special treat to show how much you appreciate their business and referrals. The seasons is also one of the busiest times in many real estate markets, as buyers begin their search for a new home and sellers clean the clutter in preparation for listing. Make sure you stay at the top of their minds with these seasonal Pop-By gifts.

Easter baskets with candy. If your clients celebrate Easter and have children, deliver Easter baskets to them, filled with candy, inexpensive toys and bubbles.

Reusable bags. Celebrate Earth Day in April by delivering reusable bags to your best people.

Rubber gloves and sponges. Give your clients a hand cleaning, and deliver rubber gloves, sponges and other cleaning supplies. This is the perfect Pop-By for your clients who are thinking of listing their homes.

Referral Maker® Tip: Be sure to download and print your Pop-By tag so that your clients know who delivered the treat.

A potted plant or a bouquet of flowers. Spring is the season of growth, so take advantage of the season’s best blooms and plants. A low-maintenance aloe plant is a safe bet, even for clients who lack a green thumb. Floral bouquets are perfect to celebrate the season and to give to the mothers in your database in May.

Patriotic flags. Celebrate Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day in May with patriotic flags. Be sure to deliver one to servicemen and women and their families to thank them for their service and sacrifice.

Pop-Bys are an important part of the Work by Referral System. When practiced along with the rest of the system—calls, personal notes, marketing flyers and eReports—real estate professionals can leverage the stacking effect to build the foundations of lasting relationships with their clients. Visit ReferralMaker.com to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial.

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