5 Fall Pop-By Ideas

Fresh-picked apples are an easy, festive Pop-By idea.

Fresh-picked apples are an easy, festive Pop-By idea.

Autumn is a great time to reconnect with your clients. Stop by the homes of your clients and be sure to bring one of these goodies with you.

Fresh-picked apples. Hit up the local farmer’s market or u-pick farm and load up on these delicious treats of the season. Deliver a small bag of a few apples to your favorite clients, or bake them into a sweet treat for them to enjoy, such as a pie or crumble.

A pumpkin carving kit. Help your clients get in touch with their artistic sides while they’re carving pumpkins.

A pumpkin. Nothing defines the season more than pumpkins. These large orange winter squashes are the versatile favorites of the season. Drop one or two off at the homes of your clients to celebrate the season.

A favorite beverage. Surprise your favorite clients with their favorite warm beverage, whether it’s apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte. Since wine is also a favorite beverage of the season, deliver a bottle of wine to your A+ clients.

Reusable bags. These are handy for carrying groceries, apples, pumpkins and so much more. Drop a few off to your clients and they’ll appreciate the gesture.

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