5 Benefits of a Great CRM

A good CRM will help you to take your business to the next level.

Do you want to take your business to the next level? A CRM can help you get there! Customer Relationship Management software has become an essential tool for real estate agents. A good CRM will help you to run your business more efficiently so that you can spend more time on the activities that will earn you referrals.

1. Manage your relationships.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your relationships listed and sorted in one location that made it easy to retrieve information about a client in seconds? CRMs store your clients’ information in one place and allow you to find the information quickly and easily.

Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software takes it a step further and allows you to sort your clients into different categories, based on if they’ve referred you and how likely they are to refer you.

2. Take control of your time.
Time is a precious commodity, and having your daily to-do list at your fingertips allows you to infuse more productivity in your day. Referral Maker will help you to plan your day and see what needs to be done and who to connect with. This gives you more control over how to spend your time.

3. Generate leads effectively and efficiently.
Lead generation is an important part of your business. When you work by referral, your leads come from current and past satisfied clients. A great CRM will help you plan your daily proactive lead generating activities that are sure to get results.

Referral Maker uses the goals you set for your business to generate a list of proactive activities every day. You’ll always know what to do, who to contact and what to say.

4. Initiate and track marketing campaigns.
Referral Maker will help you manage your marketing campaigns in one location. Plan a new campaign, track a current one or go back into your archives to find a past campaign. It’s all just a click away!

Referral Maker also allows you to track your email marketing campaigns so that you can see who’s opening what you sent. This allows you to improve the effectiveness of the campaigns you develop.

5. Know where you stand in your business.
Do you have financial goals for your business? Maybe you want to close a certain number of transactions this year or make a particular dollar amount. Whatever your goals are, Referral Maker will help you reach them by using your numbers to develop a daily action plan. Follow the plan and before you know it, you’ll have reached your goals.
All CRMs require commitment. No matter what real estate CRM you choose to use, it’s important to make it a habit to use it every day. After all, in order to see results you have to put in the work. Visit Referral Maker to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial today.



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