4 Ways to Change Your Mindset & Achieve Success

Surround yourself with positive people, at work and in your personal life.

Surround yourself with positive people, at work and in your personal life.

Want to be more successful in 2015? Check your mindset. Your mindset dictates your habits and attitude, and can help you achieve your goals and overall success. Here are four things that have an impact on your mindset, as well as solutions to help you improve your mindset.

Think positive. Your attitude and the way you approach life have an impact on your success. Studies have shown that optimists not only make more money, they’re also more successful on the job and are generally happier and healthier than their pessimistic peers. That’s not to say that you have to Sally Sunshine all the time; optimists are still realistic about situations and outcomes. However, they have the confidence in themselves and their abilities that they can surmount any challenge that arises.

Remove the toxins from your life. The toxic people, that is. When you surround yourself with optimistic and successful people, you’re more likely to mirror their behaviors and habits. The same is true when you hang out with negative, drama-filled toxic people—the toxic behavior and habits spread. Stop the cycle. Look for ways to avoid the toxic people in your life and seek out positive, successful folks.

Find your purpose. Having a ‘why’ or a purpose to live for helps you to stay on track to reach your goals, and stay motivated on those days when it’s tough to rally and your mind is just not in it. Find your ‘why’ and write it down. If it helps, find a photo that represents it and keep it on your desk. That way, on those days when you’re frustrated or unmotivated, you can look at the photo and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Express gratitude. Being thankful helps you appreciate what you have, and improves your perspective and attitude. Make it a daily task to write down three things you’re grateful for that day in a notebook. Then, take the time to look back and reflect, especially when you’re frustrated or experiencing a challenging situation.

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