4 Types of Breaks That Are Critical to Your Business

Pour a cup of coffee or tea and take a 15 minute break to clear your head and refocus.

Pour a cup of coffee or tea and take a 15 minute break to clear your head and refocus.

All work and no play turns most people into cranky, burned out shells of themselves. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. However, studies show that not taking breaks throughout your day can negatively impact your productivity as well as your overall health and well-being.  If you’ve ever felt burned out or tired or frustrated from working all the time, it’s time to take a break. Here are four types of breaks to plan for in your schedule.

Daily 15 minute breaks. These are often the hardest to take because we get so busy during the day that we either forget about them or talk ourselves out of taking them. However, these short breaks help our minds relax and refocus between activities so that we can give each task the attention it deserves.

Lunch. How many times have you worked through lunch, shoveling food into your mouth while you’re hunched over your desk trying to finish just one more thing (but it’s never ‘just one more thing’, is it?) Many of us skip lunch, instead choosing to keep working. Often, the only time that we take a lunch is when we’re meeting a client or colleague. Regardless of how long you take, use the time to break away from your desk or car. Take a walk, enjoy a yummy meal from home or take a snooze.

Long weekends. It’s nice to break away for a little bit. Long, three or four day weekends allow you to take a break from your regular routine and explore a new area, enjoy a favorite spot or just relax. Many agents avoid taking long weekends, in part because they don’t want to miss anything. However, if you plan this time in advance, you’re able to find someone to cover in case of any transactional emergencies. As a result, you’ll return to work refreshed and productive.

A proper vacation. Americans are notorious for not taking vacations. Sure, we may take some time off here and there, but many of us don’t book a week or two away during the year. Maybe we fear that we’ll miss out on a transaction or we’re afraid that something will come up. However, you’re not doing yourself, your loved ones or your clients any favors by foregoing a vacation. Don’t feel guilty taking time off—remember, a break from your routine is essential to optimizing your productivity.
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