4 Tips to Help Brokers Build Great Teams

Want to attract great agents or bring out the best in the ones you have? Follow these tips!

Want to attract great agents or bring out the best in the ones you have? Follow these tips!

Great teams are able to thrive and work together to reach success, and in real estate it’s no different. Successful teams support one another, enjoy healthy competition to bring out the best and always seek to raise the bar. Whether you want to attract high-quality agents or nurture the ones you have (or a bit of both), here are five tips to help you build high-functioning, successful teams.
Set clear goals and objectives. Goals give teams something to work toward and a common objective helps get them there. Create realistic goals for the team and work with your agents to set individual goals. Work with them to track their progress and provide motivation during frustrating or difficult times. Most importantly, when your team reaches their goals, be sure to celebrate. Celebration boosts motivation and provides important recognition of a job well done.

Model the standards you expect. As a leader, you have expectations from each person on the team. Ensure that they develop these traits by modeling the standards and behaviors that expect. For example, if you want your team to embrace positivity, be sure to have a smile on your face and a can-do spirit when times are tough.

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Mentor. All agents, especially new ones, can find value in mentorship. Schedule one-on-one time with each agent and answer their questions, hear their successes and frustrations and share your own experiences in similar situations. Not only will this foster trust, it’ll also help to develop your relationships with your team.

Encourage professional and personal development. The most successful agents never stop growing. Encourage them to attend seminars and real estate events (like Brian Buffini’s Success Tour). Assign them a book to read each month or give them a recommended reading list of business and success-driven books. Whatever you do, remind them that professional development is important to lasting success.

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