4 Tips to Boost Your Leads During Pop-By Season

A quick phone call before a Pop-By will ensure that your client will be home.

Many agents make the mistake of putting lead generation on the back burner at the end of the year, not realizing that the season provides tons of opportunities to connect with their clients. Think about it: The last three months of the year feature four major holidays—Halloween, Thankgiving, Chanukah and Christmas—that provide the perfect excuse to contact your clients to show your care and concern for them.

Get face-to-face with your clients with a Pop-By!
Pop-Bys are an easy way to get face time with your clients and even generate a lead. A small festive or thoughtful gift will put you at the top of the minds of your clients, so when a family member or friend mentions over Thanksgiving dinner or at a holiday party that they’re thinking of buying or selling their home, your client can say, “Hey, I know a great agent…”

Here are four great Pop-By tips to get you started:
1. Start with your favorite clients. Pop-Bys are always easier when you have a friendly face to look forward to visiting. Once your confidence is up, it’ll be easier to pop by to those clients you may not know as well.

2. Call ahead to let them know you’ll be stopping by. This will help to ensure that they’re home when you stop by.

3. Keep the visit to 15 minutes, tops. It helps to stay standing the whole time. Remember, you’re popping by for a short visit to drop off a small token of appreciation, not for dinner or tea. You’re a visitor not a guest.

4. Don’t sweat the gift. The real gift is the visit and the thought of the gift, not the price of the gift.

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